Issues to avoid when running seminars over 600 users

Schedule the correct start date, time, and duration

It’s important to ensure that you correctly schedule the start date and time of your seminar. Allow time for your users to enter before the Seminar. And, make sure that you have an accurate duration set for the length of the seminar.


You can only schedule one large seminar during a given time period. Seminars of more than 600 participants are allowed only during the scheduled time. It allows 600 or fewer participants outside the scheduled time.

A dialog box notifies hosts if a seminar exceeds its scheduled duration. The seminar is automatically extended every ten minutes if no other seminar is scheduled under the same license, for the same time period. If the seminar can no longer be extended, hosts are notified one final time, before the seminar shuts down. During this time, any users trying to join are rejected. However, users in the room remain active until the final end time or when the seminar ends.

Poll pod use

Users, Presenters, and Host notice the seminar room is unresponsive to chat, layout change, and menu options when there are users disconnecting from the seminar room. Once users are disconnected, the seminar room becomes responsive again and catches up with all the activities that were done while the room was unresponsive.


Webcam video stream is not affected.

This issue is linked to Poll pod updates on user exits causing the room to freeze momentarily while it processes the Poll pod data.

The workaround is to clear all answers from poll pods before user entry. Adobe recommends that you clear the poll pods from the end of every seminar or to not use poll pods until this issue is resolved.

Chat timestamps

Enabling chat timestamps can also cause performance issues in the large seminars. The workaround is to not enable timestamps in the chat pod until this issue is resolved.

Following the guidelines outlined in this document ensures that you avoid these issues and have a successful seminar.

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