Port in use by another service: Breeze Presentation will not start


Macromedia Breeze Presentation platform will not start. The breeze LOG file located in directory C:\breeze\logs contains the following text.

08-26 14:57:11] main (e) Exception occurred in startup. [08-26 14:57:11] main (e) Port in use by another service or process: 80 [08-26 14:57:11] main (e) java.net.BindException: Port in use by another service or process: [08-26 14:57:11] main (e) at jrun.servlet.network.NetworkService.bindToSocket(NetworkService.java:341) [08-26 14:57:11] main (e) at jrun.servlet.network.NetworkService.start(NetworkService.java:202) [08-26 14:57:11] main (e) at jrun.servlet.http.WebService.start(WebService.java:69) [08-26 14:57:11] main (e) at com.presedia.services.jrun.BreezeService.ppsInitialized(BreezeService.java:67) [08-26 14:57:11] main (e) at com.presedia.pps.PPS.initialize(PPS.java:181) [08-26 14:57:11] main (e) at com.presedia.pps.PPS.main(PPS.java:265) [08-26 14:57:11] main (d) Usage: PPS <custom-config.ini><config.ini><service-name>

Note: To locate this text in the log file search for the text, "Exception occurred in startup." The log entries following this generic message will contain a more specific message about the issue.


By default, Breeze is configured to use port 80. If there is another application on the Breeze host computer using port 80 there will be a port conflict and the error will be received.

This error message commonly occurs when Breeze is installed on a computer running Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) or Apache Web Server because port 80 is used by these web servers.


To resolve this conflict do one of the following:

  • Configure the conflicting application to use a port other than 80.
  • Disable the conflicting application.
  • Configure Breeze to use a port other than 80.

To configure Breeze to use another port, edit the Breeze configuration file by navigating to Start > Programs > Macromedia > Macromedia Breeze 3 > Configure Breeze. The Breeze configuration file containing this property is namedcustom.ini.

Within custom.ini locate the property HTTP_PORT, which lists the port number for Breezes built-in web server. This should be set to a port that is not currently in use by another application on the system.

Note: For the first two choices, consult the application's documentation for information about how to configure or disable ports.

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