The Connect Server license file (license.txt) identifies the Connect Server applications that you are authorized to use. There can be times when it's necessary to upload a new version of the file to use Connect Server and all of your authorized features. This TechNote discusses situations that require you to update the Connect Server license file:

  • Feature Changes: If a new feature or module is added to or removed from your Connect Server license.
  • Update Expiration Date: If the expiration date of the serial number has been extended.
  • Upgrades/Installs: After every upgrade or install, always apply your latest license.
  • File Corruption: Your Connect Server license is signed. If the license.txt file is changed after it has been downloaded, it becomes invalid.

Redownload a new license.txt file.

The following part of this TechNote provides directions on how to download and upload the Connect Server license file.

To upload the Connect Server license file, follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your Connect Server.

  2. Launch the Application Console Manager by entering this web address in the address field of your web browser: http://localhost:8510/console

  3. Click License Settings.
  4. Click the link that starts with If you can't connect to the Internet from the Breeze/Connect server, copy and paste this web address to a system where the Internet is accessible.

  5. A new web browser window opens. Scroll toward the bottom of the new window.

  6. Click the link to the license.txt file and download the license.txt file. Save the file in the Breeze/Connect installation folder, such as C:\Breeze.

  7. Return to the License Settings page and click the Browse button to browse for the license.txt field to be uploaded to the Breeze/Connect Server.
  8. Click Save.

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