Common issues uploading content

Multimedia issues with Adobe Connect

Some presenters share windows media player for file format .wmv or any unformatted video file by sharing their desktop. This practice can lead to various issues, such as:

  • audio works, but video is black
  • unsynchronized
  • audio cutting

It can be due to many reasons but most important concern is the bandwidth. Sharing a video through screen share is not an ideal thing to do as it adds to many layers of complexity to the time delay/bandwidth load and will give less optimum result.

Best practices for sharing multimedia files

Instead of Screen share, the best option is to upload the audio/video file to the meeting room content library from where it can be brought in the meeting room. That way, all participants experience the same sound in the meeting room.

PowerPoint issues with Adobe Connect

  • Some of the common issues that may occur while importing a PowerPoint files are: Error while converting file.
  • The Slides are all white.
  • Fonts are not displayed properly.
  • All the slides are not uploaded and many more.

Some of the common causes of these problems are:

  • The graphic and video files embedded in PowerPoint files must also be one of the file types listed above; otherwise, the files will not be able to be uploaded to the meeting space.

For example: You can't get PPT file displayed in the meeting room because there is a picture embedded in the slide of unsupported format. After saving the picture as a JPEG and embedding it back in the PPT file, it works.

Adobe Connect uses the fonts that are installed on the Adobe Connect Server. If you have your own on-premise server, then you have full control. You can install the fonts you need and use on the server. Otherwise, the standard Windows Server 2008 fonts are used.

Best practices to resolve PowerPoint issues

To resolve font issues, there are three options:

  • Option 1 (Hosted Account):In the Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, select File > Save As. In the Save As dialog, select Tools > Save Options. Select Embed TrueType fonts. Select either Embed Characters in Use Only or Embed all characters. If Embed All Characters is selected, the file size is larger. Click OK and click Save. For more information, see
  • Option 2: (Licensed on-premise Account): As mentioned above, instead of embedding the fonts within the Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, the administrator can install the fonts on the server. Since the fonts aren't embedded in the presentation, there is no increase in file size.
  • Option 3: If you have to use those fonts, then Adobe recommends not using the Share Document option. Instead, use the Share My Screen option, which allows you to share PowerPoint itself and use the great looking fonts you used. You do lose the savings of bandwidth when you use the share document pod. Note: The standard fonts that MS PowerPoint uses and the one that are pre-installed under Microsoft server are supported. For more information, see
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