Mobile Apps - Adobe Connect vs Adobe Connect New

Mobile app feature comparison table - 'Adobe Connect' versus 'Adobe Connect New'

There are currently two versions of the Adobe Connect mobile application available on the Apple App Store and soon on Google Play - 'Adobe Connect', and 'Adobe Connect New'. Each version offers slightly different features, so both versions will be available until the new mobile app achieves feature parity. Depending on the type of meeting, you may prefer one version over the other. While these two applications have very different interfaces, either can be used to join most Adobe Connect meetings, seminar rooms, or virtual classrooms. Both versions can be installed on the same device, and neither will be replaced the other if updated.

The chart below outlines the supported features for each mobile app.


Adobe Connect (2.7.0)

Adobe Connect New (3.0)

Listen to audio and share microphones

Participate in 'Enhanced audio' meetings

View and share cameras

Number of 'active' cameras:



Share cameras in HD

Join integrated telephone conference

View screen sharing

View uploaded PowerPoint slides

Participate in chat

See attendees list    

Set status (raised hand, agree, disagree, etc.)    

View other uploaded content (PDF, MP4, MP3, JPG, PNG)

View whiteboards and annotations on content

View and participate in polls    

View notes

Ask questions and view responses in Q&A    

Join Breakout Rooms (with limited features)

Device orientation supported    

Landscape only

Portrait or Landscape

Commute mode (audio only)

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