Calculate meeting usage

Calculate your account's meeting usage as minutes per user or number of concurrent meeting participants.

Once you create users and Adobe Connect meetings, you may need to calculate meeting usage. Meeting usage is often calculated in one of these ways:

  • The time each user spends in a specific meeting, in minutes per user

  • The number of concurrent meeting participants

The time a user spends in a meeting is measured by a transaction, which is the interaction between a principal and a SCO (in this case, between a user and a meeting). The date and time a transaction begins and ends are returned by report-bulk-consolidated-transactions.

Calculate time spent in meetings per user

  1. Call report-bulk-consolidated-transactions, filtering for meetings and another value to identify the meeting, such as a date: 
    • The second filter can be for the date the transaction began or ended, the principal-id of the user, the sco-id of a specific meeting, or another valid filter that meets your needs.

    • This call returns all transactions that meet the filter criteria. Be prepared for a large response.

    • The call also returns only users who logged in to the meeting as participants, not users who entered as guests.

  2. Parse the row elements in the response for date-created and date-closed:

     <row transaction-id="2007071217" sco-id="2007071193" type="meeting" principal-id="2007003123" score="0"> 
         <name>Thursday Meeting</name>  
         <user-name>jazzwayjazz doe</user-name>  
  3. In your application, calculate the time difference between the two dates.

    One way to do this (in Java™) is to write a utility method that converts the ISO 8601 datetime values returned in the response to a GregorianCalendar object. Then, convert each GregorianCalendar date to milliseconds, calculate the difference between the creation and closing times, and convert the difference to minutes.

  4. Repeat for all the meeting transactions that meet your criteria, and total the meeting usage times.

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