Create meeting room URLs

You have several choices regarding how to construct the URL to a meeting room. The best action to call depends on how your application is logged in and where you are in your application workflow.

By default, the meeting room is created in the host’s my-meetings folder.

Create the URL to a meeting room for which the user is host

  1. If you are logged in as a user, and you want to create a URL to a meeting in the user’s my-meetings folder, call report-my-meetings:
  2. Parse the response for the values of domain-name and url-path:

     <meeting sco-id="2007063179" type="meeting" icon="meeting"  
                 permission-id="host" active-participants="0"> 
         <name>September All Hands Meeting</name>  
  3. Concatenate the two values and add http:// or https:// at the beginning:

    If you are using HTTPS and you do not explicitly add https://, the URL defaults to http://, and the user might not be able to access the meeting room.

Create the URL to a meeting room for which the user is not host

  1. Get the sco-id of the meeting (see Find meetings).

  2. Call sco-info with the sco-id:
  3. Parse the response for the url-path:

     <sco account-id="624520" disabled="" display-seq="0" folder-id="624530"  
             icon="folder" lang="en" max-retries="" sco-id="2006258750"  
             source-sco-id="" type="folder" version="1"> 
  4. (Optional) If you know the domain name of your Adobe Connect Server account, create the URL using http:// or https://, then the domain-name, then the url-path.

  5. If you do not know the domain name, call common-info:
  6. Parse the response for the value of the host element.

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