Display meeting detail

Most of the information you want to display about a meeting comes from sco-info.


See the sample files XMLApiAdapter.java, SCO.java, mymeetings.jsp, and showmeeting.jsp.


The response has many values that you can display, for example:

 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>  
     <status code="ok" />  
     <sco account-id="624520" disabled="" display-seq="0"  
                 folder-id="2006258747" icon="producer" lang="en" max-retries="" 
                 sco-id="2006334909" source-sco-id="" type="content" version="1"> 
         <name>Test Quiz</name>  

Get information about a SCO

The getSco Java method makes the call to sco-info and parses the result, storing values in variables so that you can display them in a user interface:

 public SCO getSco(String scoId) throws XMLApiException { 
         try { 
             Element e = scoInfo(scoId); 
                 return null; 
             Element sco = (Element) XPath.selectSingleNode(e, "//sco"); 

Construct the URL to the meeting room

You also need to create the URL to the meeting room. You can do this with a call to sco-info and another to sco-shortcuts:


Extract the url-path from the sco-info response. Then, extract the domain-name from the sco-shortcuts response and concatenate the two values:

 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>  
     <status code="ok" />  
         <sco tree-id="4930295" sco-id="2006258748" type="my-courses"> 

You can also use a single call to report-my-meetings if the user is logged in and the meeting is in the user’s my-meetings folder:


In this case, extract both the domain-name and url-path from the report-my-meetings response.

The scoUrl Java method constructs the URL by calling sco-info to retrieve the url-path and then sco-shortcuts to retrieve the domain-name. In this case, two calls are used so that you do not need to make the assumption that the meeting is in the current user’s my-meetings folder:

 public String scoUrl(String scoId) throws XMLApiException { 
     try { 
         Element e = request("sco-info", "sco-id=" + scoId); 
                 return ""; 
         XPath xpath = XPath.newInstance("//url-path/text()"); 
         String path = ((Text) xpath.selectSingleNode(e)).getText(); 
         e = request("sco-shortcuts", null); 
         xpath = XPath.newInstance("//domain-name/text()"); 
         String url = ((Text) xpath.selectSingleNode(e)).getText(); 
         return url + "/" + path.substring(1) + "?session=" + breezesession; 
     } catch (JDOMException jde) { 
             throw new XMLApiException(PARSE_ERROR, jde); 
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