Display user information

In your user interface, you might want to display information about a user, such as a name, during the user’s login session.


See the sample files XMLApiAdapter.java, UserInfo.java, and header.jsp.

You can retrieve simple information about the user by calling common-info after the user logs in, like this:


The response has a user element with information you can display or store in variables to use later:

 <user user-id="2006258745" type="user"> 
     <name>Joy Smith</name>  

If you call common-info before the user logs in, the response does not have a user element.

Get information about the user

In the sample, the getUserInfo method calls common-info and parses the response for the values of name, login, and user-id. The method then stores information about the user in an instance of the UserInfo class, which is a standard bean class with getter and setter methods.

 public UserInfo getUserInfo(String login, String password) 
         throws XMLApiException { 
     try { 
         Element e = request("common-info", "login=" + login + "&password=" 
                     + password); 
         XPath name = XPath.newInstance("//user/name"); 
         XPath log = XPath.newInstance("//user/login"); 
         XPath id = XPath.newInstance("//user/@user-id"); 
         UserInfo user = new UserInfo(); 
         return user; 
     } catch (JDOMException jde) { 
         throw new XMLApiException(PARSE_ERROR, jde); 
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