Get meeting archives

Access and list the recorded archives of an Adobe Connect meeting room.

A Adobe Connect meeting can have one or more recorded archives. If the meeting recurs weekly, for example, it might have an archive for each session.

A meeting archive is identified with type=content and icon=archive. The icon value works as a subcategory of type, to identify the type of content.

List archives for a meeting room

  1. Get the sco-id of the meeting (see Find meetings).

  2. Call sco-expanded-contents with the sco-id and filter-icon=archive to list all archives associated with the meeting: 
  3. Parse the response for the sco element and extract the information you want, such as name, date-created, or url-path:

     <sco sco-id="2598402" source-sco-id="" folder-id="2598379" 
             type="content" icon="archive" display-seq="0" is-folder="0"> 
         <name>EN - Monday Night Football_0</name>  
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