Get meeting poll results

To access the results of a poll used during a meeting, use report-quiz-interactions. This action returns all poll results, but you can use a filter to reduce the response.

Each multiple-choice response in the poll has an integer identifier, with the first response in the displayed list numbered 0, the second 1, and so on.

Get the results of a meeting poll

  1. Be sure that the meeting host has closed the poll.

    The poll results are cached in the meeting until the poll is closed.

  2. Get the sco-id of the meeting (see Find meetings).

  3. Call report‑quiz‑interactions, using the meeting’s sco-id: 
  4. (Optional) Add a filter to reduce the response, for example:

    • filter-response=1 to check all users who made a specific response

    • filter-interaction-id=2007027923 to check all responses to a poll (a meeting might have several polls)

  5. Parse the response for response, name, or any other values:

     <row display-seq="1" transcript-id="2007071200"  
                 interaction-id="2007027923" sco-id="2007071193" score="0"> 
         <name>jazz doe</name>  
         <sco-name>Thursday Meeting</sco-name>  
         <description>What is your favorite color?</description>  
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