Many courses offer learners a certain number of retries. If you use server-side review mode, a training manager can specify the maximum attempts the learner has to complete or pass the course successfully (see Adobe Connect User Guide for details of how course retry works in both server-side and client-side review mode).

This means that a learner can attempt a course multiple times and have multiple scores. In your application, you may want to display only the learner’s highest score.

Report a user’s highest score on a course or quiz

  1. Get the user’s principal-id (see List principals or guests).

  2. Get the sco-id of the course or quiz (see Find courses and curriculums).

  3. Call report-user-training-transcripts, filtering on the sco-id and sorting on the score: 
  4. Parse the response for the highest score, which should be in the first row element in the list:

     <row transcript-id="2006335954" sco-id="2006334909"  
                 principal-id="2006258745" status="user-passed" score="20"  
                 max-score="20" certificate="2006335954" type="content" 
         <name>Java Data Type Quiz</name>  
         <principal-name>Bob Smith</principal-name>  

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