A sample of the structure and sections of a typical Adobe Connect Web Services API, along with an example.

action name

All action (XML API), parameter, element, and attribute names are case sensitive. In other words, name is not the same as Name, and sco-id is not equivalent to sco-ID. You must enter them exactly as shown in this reference, unless a specific entry indicates an item is not case sensitive.


The first version of Adobe Connect to support the action. Unless stated, the action is supported in all subsequent versions of Adobe Connect.


A description of what the action does and when to use it.

Request URL

The syntax of an HTTP request URL.


A detailed desription of the parameters in the request.


Specifies whether or not results can be filtered or sorted. For more information about filtering and sorting, see Filter and sort reference.

Response structure

The structure of an XML response.

Response values

A detailed description of the XML elements in a response.

Sample request

A sample HTTP request URL.

Sample response

A sample XML response.

See also

Links to related actions.

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