Send XML requests

Generic request method for logged in users to send XML requests to the server through an action name and a query string.


See the sample files and createmeeting.jsp.

The request method in the sample takes an action and a query string and sends the BREEZESESSION cookie value back to the server in the request header:

 protected Element request(String action, String queryString) 
             throws XMLApiException { 
         try { 
             if (breezesession == null) 
             URL url = breezeUrl(action, queryString); 
             URLConnection conn = url.openConnection(); 
             conn.setRequestProperty("Cookie", "BREEZESESSION=" + breezesession); 
             InputStream resultStream = conn.getInputStream(); 
             Document doc = new SAXBuilder(false).build(resultStream); 
             return doc.getRootElement(); 
         } catch (IOException ioe) { 
             throw new XMLApiException("A communication error occurred", ioe); 
         } catch (JDOMException jde) { 
             throw new XMLApiException("A parsing error occurred", jde); 
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