The Shared Training folder in Adobe Connect Central, also called the Training library, has permissions to define user access.

Shared Training is called courses in the response from sco-shortcuts:

 <sco tree-id="123456" sco-id="123456" type="courses"> 

Each folder, course, and curriculum in the library is a SCO. As you navigate the Training library, you see the sco-id of the current course or curriculum in the browser URL. You can also retrieve the sco-id by calling sco-contents or sco-expanded-contents on a folder in the Training library.

Each course, curriculum, or content object in the Training library has permissions that define which users can access it. As you design your application, be aware of these permission levels:

Enrollee permissions

Courses and curriculums have permissions that define which users are enrolled and can access them. The two permissions available are Enrolled and Denied.

Training library permissions

Courses, curriculums, and folders in the Training library have either Manage or Denied permission. Manage permission means a user can create, delete, edit, or assign permissions. By default, users have Manage permission on their own training folders, and Administrators have Manage permission on any folder in the training library.

An Administrator can assign a user Manage permission on an individual course, curriculum, or folder with permissions-update or check the permissions a user has with permissions-info.

In XML API calls, you read, use, or set values of permission-id as you work with the Training library. These values of permission-id apply to courses and curriculums:


The user has access to the course or curriculum, and permission is Enrolled.


The user is not allowed access, and permission is Denied.

You should also be aware of the permission a user has on a folder before executing an API call. Log in as a user with appropriate permission, or when needed, as your application’s Administrator user. These values of permission-id apply to training folders:


The user can add, delete, change, or assign permissions to courses, curriculums, and content in a folder. The user can also list the contents of the folder with sco-contents or sco-expanded-contents.


The user cannot add, delete, change, or assign permissions to anything in the folder, but can list the contents of the folder.

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