Use web services with Adobe Connect Training

A custom training application or portal can access Adobe® Connect™ Training to display the available training courses, enroll users or allow them to self-enroll, list all courses and curriculums the user is enrolled in, and generate various reports. Adobe Connect Training has two types of training modules: courses and curriculums.

A course is content (for example, a presentation) that has a set of enrolled learners with usage tracking for each individual. The course can be delivered and administered independently or as part of a curriculum.

A curriculum is a group of courses and other learning content that moves students along a learning path. A curriculum contains primarily Adobe Connect Training courses, but may include other items such as content and meetings. As with courses, you can generate reports to track the progress of enrolled learners as they move through the curriculum. This way, you can ensure that enrollees meet the learning objectives.

Courses and content can both be modules within a curriculum, and a content object can be used in any number of courses and curriculums. In Adobe Connect Training, content objects, courses, and curriculums are all SCOs, and each has a unique sco-id. Content objects and courses are combinable and reusable, according to the SCORM standard.

As you develop training applications, Adobe recommends that you use the following XML API actions:


To enroll users in courses and make sure they have the appropriate permissions to access the course.


To add users to groups if you want to enroll a group.


To list all courses and curriculums the current user is enrolled in, including the URL to access the course or curriculum.


To get details of a user’s progress within a curriculum.


To view the latest status of all of a user’s courses and curriculums.


To list all of a user’s transcripts and scores.

These actions work on courses, curriculums, and training folders and use the permissions allowed for objects in the Training library.

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