For a logged in user, list all the Adobe Connect courses or curriculum the user is enrolled in.

Once a user is logged in, you can list all courses the user is enrolled in with report-my-courses, or all of the user’s courses and curriculums with report-my-training. This lists only the courses (or courses and curriculums) the user is enrolled in, not all courses available.

View a user’s courses and curriculums

  1. Log the user in (see Log in from an application).

  2. Call report-my-training to list all courses and curriculums the user is enrolled in:
  3. Parse the response for name, url, or any other values you want to display:

     <row sco-id="2007035246" type="content" icon="course"  
         <name>Java 101</name>  

View the status of all of the user’s courses and curriculums

  1. Get the principal-id of the user (see Find a principal-id).

  2. Call report-user-trainings-taken: 
  3. Parse the response for status:

     <row transcript-id="2006293632" max-retries="" sco-id="2564016" 
                 type="content" icon="course" status="completed" 
                 certificate="2006293632" score="0" permission-id="" attempts="1"> 
         <name>Programming in Perl</name>  
         <description>Info about Perl</description>  

    A course can have many allowed values for status, but a curriculum can only have a status of completed or incomplete. The allowed values of status are described in status attribute in the reference.

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