Fix Illustrator crash issues with Rich Tool Tips

Illustrator crashing or freezing when you use a Rich Tool Tip? We’re here to help.

Adobe is working on this issue and it will be resolved soon. Meanwhile, if your Illustrator is crashing when you hover over a tool to view Rich Tool Tip, you can disable Rich Tool Tips as a workaround: 


Rich tool tips are enabled by default in Illustrator. Follow the steps below to disable Rich Tool Tips

  1. Do one of the following: 

    • (Windows) Choose Edit > Preferences > General

    • (macOS) Choose Illustrator > Preferences > General

  2. Click Show Rich Tool Tips to uncheck and click OK

To re-enable Rich Tool Tips, follow the same steps as above and ensure that Show Rich Tool Tips is checked. 

Need more help?

Simply share the crash report or crash log with us.

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