The scope of a quiz begins from the first question slide and ends when a user:

  • reaches the result slide; or

  • the slide before the result slide if the result slide is hidden.

If users navigate to a content or a remedy slide while still in the scope of quiz, you can choose to allow users to return to the quiz. To do so, assign the Return To Quiz action to one of the following:

  • Any interactive object on the slide. The interactive objects can be click box, botton, or a text entry box.

  • Slide Exit action.


This option is not applicable for question slides.

You can assign the Return To Quiz action to existing or new interactive objects. When you assign the action to an existing object, Adobe Captivate associates the action only when users navigate to the slide from the quiz. Else, the Continue action is associated with the object.

For example, consider that you have a content slide that you want to use as a remedy slide for users who get a question wrong. When you change the action for the button on the content slide as Return To Quiz:

  • The button behaves like a 'next' button when the users visit the slide for the first time. This behaviour helps you treat the slide like a regular content slide.

  • The button takes the users back to the quiz.

Using Return To Quiz action

  1. Configure your question slides to jump to the required remedy or content slides. To do so, click the Submit button and change the Action in the Property Inspector to Jump To Slide and choose the content slide.

  2. Do one of the following actions:

    • On the content slide or the remedy slide, click any interactive object and click Return To Quiz in the Action list of the Property Inspector.

    • Click the slide and then click Return To Quiz from the On Exit list in the Action accordion of the Property Inspector.

When users click the interactive object associated with the Return To Quiz action, Adobe Captivate brings users back to:

  • The last attempted question slide, if the answer provided by users earlier was incorrect or they skipped the question.

  • The question after the last attempted question slide if it was answered correctly by users.

  • Continues to the next slide if users had not attempted the quiz earlier.

Variable for quiz scope

cpInQuizScope is a read-only system variable that indicates whether users can return to the quiz from a slide. If the value of cpInQuizScope is:

  • True, users return to the quiz when they exit the slide or click an interactive object that is assigned with the action Return To Quiz.

  • False, users navigate to the next slide in the project.

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