The Swatches panel (Window > Swatches) lets you import color swatches from other applications such as Adobe Photoshop and Kuler. You can also create swatches by picking colors from open applications on your computer screen. Also, you can easily choose colors for fill, stroke, text, and highlight for objects on a slide.

The Swatches panel
The Swatches panel

  • To create a swatch, click the Eyedropper tool () and then click the required color on your computer screen. Alternatively, you can click the color picker () to choose a color.
  • To import color swatches from applications such as Adobe Photoshop or Kuler, do one of the following actions:
    • Click Append to append the swatches to the current set of swatches.
    • Click Load to replace the current swatches with the imported swatches.
  • To save the swatches and import into other projects, click Save.
  • To reset the swatches to factory default, click Reset.
  • To clear all the swatches, click Clear.

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