ORM functions

Function Description
EntityDelete Deletes the record from the database for the specified entity.
EntityLoad Loads and returns an array of entities for the specified entity name.
EntityLoadByExample Loads and returns an array of objects that match the sample entity.
EntityLoadByPK Loads and returns an array of objects for given primary key.
EntityMerge Attaches the specified entity to the current ORM session.
EntityNew Creates an instance of the persistent CFC with the specified entity name.
EntityReload Reloads data for an entity that is already loaded.
EntitySave Saves or updates data of the entity and all related entities to the database.
EntitytoQuery Converts the input entity object or the input array of entity objects to a query object.
ORMClearSession Clears the Hibernate session associated with the given data source.
ORMCloseAllSessions Closes all Hibernate sessions in the request.
ORMCloseSession Closes the current ORM session for the given datasource .
ORMEvictCollection Removes all entries with the specified relation/collection name in the specified component. 
ORMEvictEntity Removes all entries for the specified component name from the entity cache.
ORMEvictQueries Removes all queries from the named query cache. 
ORMExecuteQuery Runs the HQL on the default data source specified for the application.
ORMFlushAll Flushes all the current Hibernate sessions in the request.
ORMFlush Flushes the current ORM session associated with the data source specified in the application. 
ORMGetSession Returns the current ORM session.
ORMGetSessionFactory Returns the underlying Hibernate SessionFactory object.
ORMReload Reinitializes ORM for the application.If you make any change to the persistent metadata of the CFCs, then you might want to reload the ORM.
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