Flushes the current ORM session associated with the data source specified in the application. ORMFlush flushes all the pending CRUD operations in that request.


This function has been enhanced in ColdFusion 9.0.1 to support multiple data sources in the same application. Install the ColdFusion 9 update to use the feature.


Flushes the Hibernate session associated with the data source in the request. ORMFlush flushes all pending CRUD operations in the request. Any changes made in the objects, in the current ORM session, are saved to the database.

If you do not specify the data source, the Hibernate session associated with the default data source is flushed.




See Also

ORMCloseSessionORMClearSessionORMGetSessionORMGetSessionFactoryORMFlush() in Developing ColdFusion Applications.

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