This article details the new features and changes introduced with ColdFusion 11 Update 5, and the issues that are known to exist with this update. For detailed instructions on how to apply this update, refer this article.

Release Notes

The following table lists the new features and changes introduced with this update.

Title Area
A new attribute is added in CFC called reuseInstance. It takes a boolean value. If the reuseInstance is specified as true, the same instance is used for handling the requests. If reuseInstance is specified as false, a new instance of CFC is created each time for servicing the request. The default value is false. Along with the attribute in CFC, a new application setting is also added. You can specifiy that like this.wssettings.reuseInstance="true" in the Application.cfc. Web Services
Web Server Configuration tool now backs up all the existing connector configuration files when the connector is removed. The configuration files are backed up at  {cf_root}/config/wsconfig/backup/<originalConfigDirectory>.<incrementedNumber> Installation/Config
The following cfclient member function names have changed: ListChangeDelims, ListValueCount, ListValueCountNoCase, ListSort. Mobile Support
Sort is now supported as a member function in arrays. Mobile Support
IsValid method now supports IPv6 based IP addresses. Language
CFHTTP will not encode -_.!~*'() characters, if a URL with a query string containing these characters is passed. Net Protocols

Known Issues

The following list contains the issues known to exist on ColdFusion 11 Update 5 and tips on how to work around them.  

Bug ID


Product Area


Uninstalling the update from single instance, uninstalls corresponding update from all other instances(this includes all peer and parent instance). This occurs if update is installed on main instance before the new instance is created.

HotFix Installer


Clicking on any of the "Browse" buttons in the ColdFusion administrator console can pop a blank file browser window (ideally local file system volumes should be listed). To rectify this, navigate to Server Settings > Settings in the ColdFusion Administrator, and click on the "Submit" button once. This should persist the /CFIDE/scripts directory path in the server configuration file, and prevent the behavior from recurring.



When building a ColdFusion archive file for migration, the file explorer may not work to select a file or folder. The path should be specified manually.



The fix for this bug requires the pre-exitsing compiled classes to be removed. This is due to a change in the signature of Encrypt method. The files at {cf_root}/{instance_name}/wwwroot/WEB-INF/cfclasses directory should be deleted. Any custom classes placed in this directory should be backed up and restored after performing this step.


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