The page layout of InDesign documents exported as Dreamweaver (.html) or .epub  files isn't accurately represented when you view the files in a web browser or epub reader. For example, text on top of an image in the InDesign document isn't on top of the image in the resulting output. Instead, the text appears following the image. In other cases, stylistic text formatting is removed.

This behavior is expected for these formats. Both of these export options are designed to export the content of the document so that it can be repurposed in other publishing workflows. The Export for Dreamweaver option reformats content so that it's more appropriate for display from within a web browser. The Export to EPUB option exports content that is free of formatting. EPUB content is intended for display on various devices in which the screen size, orientation, and text size varies. The EPUB reader determines the format.

For information about controlling the reading order of content for accessibility, see Adobe InDesign CS5 read order. (This information is also applicable to Export for Dreamweaver and EPUB.)

 For more about the options associated with these two export formats, see the following InDesign Help topics:

 For more information about the EPUB format, see the following resources:



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