Unable to back up the catalog in Lightroom CC


In Lightroom CC 2015.8/Lightroom 6.8, you are unable to back up your catalog when exiting the application.


On Windows, Lightroom displays the Confirm dialog with the following message:

Lightroom was unable to back up the catalog named "<Your catalog's filename>".

Please check your folder permissions and make sure you have available space on your backup drive and main catalog's drive. 

Lightroom was unable to back up the catalog


This issue occurs in Lightroom CC 2015.8/Lightroom 6.8 when the filename of your Lightroom's catalog (.lrcat) contains a double-byte character.


On macOS, Lightroom displays the following erroneous message:

Catalog size is more than 4 GB.

Your catalog size is larger than 4 GB. Please use a 3rd party utility such as 7-zip or StuffItExpander to extract your catalog backup.

Lightroom was unable to back up the catalog macOS


This issue is an erroneous error for catalog back-ups smaller than 4GB. You can ignore this dialog, or use the workaround below if you don't want to see this error.

Versions affected

Lightroom CC 2015.8/Lightroom 6.8

Operating system

Windows and macOS


To resolve these issues on Windows and macOS, follow the workaround steps mentioned below:

  1. Launch Lightroom.

  2. (Win) Choose Edit menu > Preferences.

    (Mac) Choose Lightroom > Preferences.

  3. When the Preferences dialog appears, select the Presets tab.

  4. In the Presets tab, click the Show Lightroom Presets Folder button. Lightroom opens the root preset folder in the File Explorer (Win)/Finder (Mac).

  5. In the File Explorer (Win)/Finder (Mac), navigate to the Lightroom folder.

  6. Go to Adobe Creative Cloud and download the config.lua file. Copy the downloaded config.lua file into the Lightroom folder mentioned in Step 5.

    This config.lua file will reconfigure the old backup behavior in Lightroom.

  7. Relaunch Lightroom.

    You should be able to back up your catalog now. 

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