Distribute the Mobile Workspace App

Mobile Device Management (MDM) enables the large-scale deployment of apps on mobile devices.

Main features generally provided by MDM solutions:

  • Enable device enrollment in your enterprise environment
  • Allow the configuring and updating device settings
  • Enforce security compliance.
  • Secure mobile access to corporate resources

An MDM solution along with Mobile Application Management, allows you to manage internal, public, and purchased apps across the mobile devices in your enterprise.

The MDM administrator can upload both ipa and apk files to the MDM server and control the users who can access the ipa or apk files. The administrator can also control the profile setting corresponding to each application.

Profile settings affecting the Mobile Workspace app

The following Profile settings on your device will affect the functioning of the Mobile Workspace on you device:

  • Allow use of camera in the Device functionality section

If you disable Allow use of camera, the camera feature of the Photograph annotation will not function. You need to enable this option to use the camera in the app.

  • Require passcode on device in the Passcode policies section

To enable encryption of application data, you are recommended to enable the passcode on your device. If passcode is not set on device, application data stored on the device is not encrypted.

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