What’s new in Adobe Presenter 9

Adobe® Presenter 9 software, now with PowerPoint 2013 support and Windows® 8 compatibility, helps you convert slides into interactive content using out-of-the-box assets and quizzes. Important enhancements include option for simplified four-button interface for video editing, better tracking of user progress through your own Learning Management Systems, improved feedback by including quizzes and surveys.

You can also communicate better with engaging videos that you can create at your desktop and deliver them to video sharing sites and mobile devices.

From an expert: Introduction to Adobe Presenter 9

Dr.Pooja Jaisingh

Microsoft Office 2013 support

Convert Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 slides, including objects, animations, and multimedia into interactive video presentations using an improved conversion library.

Note: Supports Microsoft Office 2013, 32 bit; Microsoft Office 2010, 32 bit and 64 bit; and Microsoft Office 2007, 32 bit.

Windows® 8 compatibility

Enhanced version compatibility. Supports Microsoft Office 2013, 32 bit.

Enhanced course audio output

Enhance the audio output with built-in filters for ambient noise suppression and audio track amplification. Record and sync audio files with the PowerPoint slides using the new intuitive audio interface.  

From an expert: New Audio Workflow

Dr.Pooja Jaisingh

Drag and Drop Question

Improved interactive presentations: Use the drag-and-drop games, quizzes, and learning modules for enhanced interactivity.

Set various relationships based on which the drop target accepts, rejects, or replaces the drag item and add audio feedback for every attempt.  

See Drag-and-drop question for more information.

From an expert: Drag and Drop Question

Dr.Pooja Jaisingh

Customizable scenario-based template

Create scenario-based training with customizable scenario template. Predefine outcomes, where learners can be directed, based on their inputs. See Inserting scenario interactions for more information.

From an expert: Scenario-based interactions


Annotate course content

Make your course more effective by annotating important areas within your course, thereby drawing attention to specific areas within the course. See Record video presentations for more information.

From an expert: Live Annotations in Adobe Presenter 9

Learn how to bring emphasis to elements on your screen as you work with live animated Annotations in the videos created using Adobe Presenter Video Creator.

Dr.Allen Partridge

Collaborative learning experience

Allow learners to collaborate with the authors by allowing them to comment or question on specific content within a course. Questions can be replied to by the course creator or other learners, allowing to track participation and reward active learners.  

Publishing to tablets

Deliver your courses, including multiple quiz formats, on Android™ devices along with iPad* device using the Adobe Presenter mobile app. You can also export the scoring data from the app to AICC-compliant LMSs and Adobe® Connect™. See Publishing and viewing presentations for more information.

Learner tracking and reporting

You can track individual learner progress within a course using the integrated Learner Analytics report. Enables you to identify learners in need of course correction and direct them to respective modules. Satisfy basic evaluation needs at no extra cost by tracking and reporting key performance metrics, like average score and pass or fail, without investing in an Learning Management System (LMS).

From an expert: In-Course Collaboration in Adobe Presenter 9

Learn how to enable in-course collaboration in your Adobe Presenter 9 courses.

Dr.Pooja Jaisingh

From an expert: Learning Analytics in Adobe Presenter 9

Learn how to enable your Adobe Presenter 9 courses to report learning analytics data.

Dr.Pooja Jaisingh

Accessibility support

Achieve Section 508-standard compliance and expand your outreach with enhanced accessibility support. Create courseware that meets the accessibility norms of defense, government, and educational organizations. See Accesability and 508-compliance for more information.

Automatic closed captioning

Presenter 9 incorporates a new speech-to-text conversion feature to helps you to automatically generate closed captioning of your audio track quickly. See Closed captions for more information.

Customizable user navigation interface

Use this feature to disable playbar display to ensure that your learners view critical sections of your course. See Editing Adobe Presenter presentations for more information.

From an expert: Customizable user navigation interface

Dr.Pooja Jaisingh

Direct access to Adobe notifications

Reach out to Adobe support, access social media forums, and receive timely updates from the Adobe Presenter product team—all from within Adobe Presenter 9.  

From an expert: Direct Access to Adobe Resources

Dr.Pooja Jaisingh

Video add-ons

Learn how to add branding videos and logos, presenter name and title, and video title to your videos created using Adobe Presenter Video Creator.

From an expert: Video add-ons


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