Publish projects from RoboHelp to Adobe RoboHelp Server 11

How to publish to RoboHelp Server

To publish to RoboHelp Server, first setup a publishing profile providing information about the RoboHelp Server instance. RoboHelp supports Responsive HTML5 output types. You can publish content from the Output Presets panel. Edit a Responsive HTML5 output preset and select the publish profiles you want to use. Then publish content to RoboHelp Server.

For setting up a publishing profile, see Configure a publish profile for RoboHelp Server.

Publish to a RoboHelp Server

  1. Click the Output tab in the standard toolbar. Output Presets is the default selection in the Output toolbar. 

  2. In the Output Presets panel, double-click an output preset to edit it. 

  3. In the output preset editor, click the Publish tab to view the servers created across projects.

    You can also edit server information in the Publish Profiles dialog box, which can be launched by clicking .

  4. Select the profiles (servers) to which you want to publish content.

  5. Select Republish All to republish the entire content. If this field is not selected, RoboHelp publishes the updated content only since the previous publish, not the entire content.

  6. To publish to the selected profiles (servers), click the output preset, and then click  in the standard toolbar. Or right-click the output preset and click Publish.

    If you select multiple RoboHelp Servers, RoboHelp publishes to RoboHelp Servers in a sequence. Two prompts appear, one displays publishing information (such as the file being published, preset name, and server name), and the other displays the publishing status.


    RoboHelp creates log files at %/AppData/%/Local/Temp/RHTMP. To view log files, right-click the output preset and click View Publish Log. If you published content to multiple servers, the log file shows publishing information (success or failure and errors) about all servers.

  7. To view the project on the server, go to RoboHelp Server Web Administrator > Projects, select the area where you have published the project, and click View Project.

    RoboHelp Server Web Administrator

For publishing projects to RoboHelp Server 10, see Publish projects from RoboHelp to Adobe RoboHelp Server 10.

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