APK generation fails when Native App Generator script is running


If your Native Mobile App Generator script is running, while generating APK (Android Application Package).


Open the android.bat from /tools directory --

Go to line
for /f %%a in ('%java_exe% -jar lib\archquery.jar') do set swt_path=lib\%%a

Change it to
rem for /f %%a in ('%java_exe% -jar lib\archquery.jar') do set swt_path=lib\%%a

Now, add a new line below it
32Bit OS ----- set swt_path=lib\x86

64bit OS ----- set swt_path=lib\x86_64

Additonal Information

The problem is solved after applying the above technique and occurs usually on 64Bit Operating System, it occurs sometimes only.

Additonally, to execute the Native App Generator Script script you need to configure and specify the following path -- PhoneGap SDK, Android SDK, JDK and Apache Ant

Following article speaks about a similar problem and Comment# 27 has the stated solution.


The issue has been filed under Bug# 3222004 (Watson)

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