Hot fix for RoboHelp Update 9 (2019 release)

This article is for the hot fix released for RoboHelp Update 9 (2019 release). This hot fix contains issues that were fixed after the release of RoboHelp Update 9.  

Issues fixed in the hot fix

This hot fix contains fixes for the following issues:

  1. The responsive HTML5 output in RoboHelp Classic removes parentheses (used in the content) from output.
  2. Topics in responsive HTML5 output contain blank space before topic headings.
  3. Script error is shown in the Console of Internet Explorer 11 for frameless output.
  4. The “.dotx” file type filter is missing from the Word Document Preset Properties.
  5. Word output generation fails on exceeding the maximum size of the output log file.
  6. In French, German, and Japanese locales, the character styles cannot be applied.

Download instructions

Click the following link to download the hot fix ZIP file. Extract the contents of the file and run the Set-up.exe file to install the hot fix.  

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