Learn how to get started with cloud documents in XD.

What are cloud documents?

Cloud documents are XD's new cloud-native document type providing users with a fast and convenient method to manage, share, and retain documents up to date.

You can save your XD designs as cloud documents to ensure that they are up to date and accessible even when you're offline. You can then share them with other Creative Cloud users and invite them to collaborate. Once you get back online, your work is automatically saved to the cloud. For more information, see Manage and work with cloud documents.


To learn how cloud documents work within XD, do check this video.

What are its benefits?

  • Autosave: You can save your document to Creative Cloud and XD ensures that your document is updated so that you never lose your work.
  • Faster sharing: You can share your documents with collaborators right from within XD for a faster and a more robust experience.
  • Access all your work: You can use the Cloud Document Organizer to quickly find all your documents, and the documents shared with you right from within XD. 
  • Access documents across devices: You can save your documents to Creative Cloud and access them across devices, including mobile preview using the XD mobile app.
  • Simpler asset sharing: You can save your documents to Creative Cloud as the source of truth for your design system. Assets copied and used are updated whenever the source is changed.
  • Linked asset sharing: You can consume assets (components, colors, and character styles) from one or multiple design files available on the XD cloud documents.

What is the difference between cloud documents and Adobe Creative Cloud Synced Files and how do they work together?

Adobe XD’s new native cloud document format is saved and managed in Creative Cloud and has sharing features that are unique to the needs of an XD user. For example:

  • You can share a cloud document from within XD, similar to sharing a prototype or design specs.

  • You can access cloud documents in XD as an offline or online file.
  • When you save your document to Creative Cloud, the autosave ensures that your versions are saved and you do not lose your work.
  • Cloud documents support linked assets, so you can maintain consistency with assets across documents.

Creative Cloud synced files allow you to manage your Creative Cloud desktop-synced files. Unlike cloud documents, XD documents in Creative Cloud Files are not native to the cloud, and therefore do not have the same capabilities as listed above.

Are autosaved cloud documents same as a normal XD document?

Documents autosaved to Creative Cloud and local XD documents are both fully compatible with XD; however, the cloud versions provide you the advantage of autosave, sharing, and accessibility across devices in online and offline mode.

What are the workflows associated with cloud documents?

You can create, save, rename, share, and delete cloud documents from within XD.

Name your document and set a destination
Name your document and set a destination

Can I convert a non-cloud document to a cloud document?

Yes,  you can convert  a non-cloud document to a cloud document by saving them to the cloud. To do so from within the XD app, select File > Save as > Save to > Cloud Documents. You can access the saved document from the following locations:

Accessing cloud documents from the XD Home screen
Accessing cloud documents from the XD Home screen
Accessing cloud documents from assets.adobe.com
Accessing cloud documents from assets.adobe.com

How do I share a cloud document?

You can use the Invite to Edit option to share a cloud document with the collaborators. You can send invitations the same way you can with private invites for design specs and prototypes. For information on sharing documents for review, see Manage and work with cloud documents.

You can easily access the cloud documents across devices, including mobile for preview within the XD mobile apps.

Share a cloud document
Share a cloud document

Can multiple collaborators simultaneously access the same cloud document? How does XD decide which updates to take?

Yes, multiple collaborators can share the same cloud document and the first save wins. Subsequent saves are prompted to Save As a new document.

Can I convert my non-cloud XD document to a cloud document?

Yes, to convert a non-cloud document, select the document and click File > Save as

Can collaborators update files?

Collaborators can update any document shared with them.

Is there a limit to the number of cloud documents I can save in XD?

No, you are only limited by the amount of storage you have.

Will my saved cloud documents count toward my Creative Cloud storage quota?

Cloud documents that you have created count toward your Creative Cloud storage quota, but cloud documents that are shared with you are not. However, if you are an XD Starter Plan user, you can purchase additional storage by purchasing XD.

Can I move an existing XD design document into the Creative Cloud and share it as cloud document?

Any XD document, stored locally or as a Creative Cloud synced file, must be saved as a cloud document to take advantage of the sharing capabilities in XD. Existing XD documents are not automatically converted to cloud documents.

Can I access cloud documents through Creative Cloud Libraries?

No, you cannot access cloud documents from Creative Cloud Libraries. Cloud documents is a new native file type that is accessible online or offline directly from within the XD app and managed by Creative Cloud.

Will cloud documents change how I access XD documents through the XD mobile app and the Creative Cloud mobile app?

Yes. The XD mobile app will now retrieve cloud documents from a destination called Cloud Documents hosted on Creative Cloud. To access your XD documents from Creative Cloud Files, open the XD files from the XD desktop app and save them as cloud documents. Your files will then appear in the XD mobile app.


The Creative Cloud mobile app currently does not support editing cloud docs. 

Can I access components, colors, and character styles from multiple design files saved on my creative cloud?

Yes. You can use linked assets from a curated XD cloud document to manage multiple versions of content. Linked assets make it easier to consume components, character styles, and colors from one or multiple cloud documents.

For information on linked assets, see Work with link assets.

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