Learn how to enable JIRA integration for XD.

Adobe XD and Atlassian Jira bring creative work and teamwork together. With the Adobe XD for Jira add-on, designers can easily share their latest prototypes and design specs with other stakeholders in Jira.

Install and configure Adobe XD for Jira add-on

  1. Log in to your Jira cloud instance as an admin.

  2. In the sidebar, click Jira Settings and then choose Add-ons > Find new add-ons. The Atlassian Marketplace for JIRA page is displayed.

  3. Search for Adobe XD. From the search results, click Install for Adobe XD.

  4. In the Confirm add-on installation dialog box, click Accept & install. A confirmation message is displayed when the add-on is successfully installed.

  5. By default, all the projects within the workspace are enabled to show the add-on within a Jira issue. However, as an admin, you can choose to enable the add-on only for specific projects. To change the default configuration, do the following:

    1. Go to Manage add-ons page from the sidebar.
    2. In the User-installed add-ons section, choose Adobe XD for Jira and then click Configure.
      The Configure Adobe XD for Jira page lists enabled projects in the left pane and disabled projects in the right pane.
    3. To disable the add-on in one or more projects, select the projects in the left pane and use the right arrow button to move them in the right pane.
    4. Click Save. In the confirmation dialog box, click Disable Projects. You can view the add-on if you are part of an enabled project or have access to a Jira issue in the project.


    Moving a project from enabled to disabled list removes the Adobe XD add-on from the project. Any content added or referenced using the add-on is also deleted. This action can't be reversed.

Attach a prototype or design spec to a Jira issue

You can attach the following types of Adobe XD links to a Jira issue:

  • Prototypes
  • Design specs
  • Password protected prototypes and design specs
  • Shared invite prototypes and design specs


To learn how to create a public or private web link to a prototype or design spec in Adobe XD, see Share prototypes and design specs.

  1. Open the Jira issue.

  2. Navigate to the Adobe XD section below the issue description.

    Adobe XD section in a Jira issue

    If you don't see the Adobe XD section, click the Options menu (...) below the issue summary and choose Adobe XD.

    Choose Adobe XD section from the Options menu
  3. Paste the link to the prototype or design spec in the XD input field, and click Attach. To attach more prototypes or design specs, repeat the process.

    Paste a link to XD prototype or design specification

    A preview of the corresponding asset is displayed as a card. You can also add a short description to the asset in the card.

    For a private or password protected asset, the preview is not displayed in the card. To see the asset, click View Prototype or View Design Specs in the card, enter the password in the XD asset view page, and then click View.

    A design spec
    A design spec
    A private or password protected design spec
    A private or password protected design spec

    The latest attached or updated assets are displayed at the top. Any changes made to the attached assets in Adobe XD app are automatically reflected in the Jira issue.

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