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Dimension | Common questions

Find answers to common questions about Dimension.

Dimension is an application for graphic designers and artists to create photorealistic designs using 2D and 3D compositing.


Adobe Dimension is the next step in 3D graphic design software. The application gives designers the ability to quickly composite 3D and 2D elements, customize models, materials, and lighting. With advanced 2D-to-3D compositing tools, designers can combine custom graphics with 3D models to stage entire scenes and create final rendered images. As part of Adobe Creative Cloud, you get regular feature updates and access to Libraries, Stock, and more - right from within the app. 

To learn more about Creative Cloud, see Adobe Creative Cloud.

Graphic designers use the app to create:
  • Advertising or product shots
  • Product design
  • Scene visualizations and concept mockups
  • Abstract art
  • Package design
  • Logo or branding design

Dimension is built from the ground up to give you an experience that scales with the latest hardware and software technology.

For information, see System requirements | Dimension.

Dimension works with:

  • Adobe Stock
  • Photoshop
  • Creative Cloud Libraries

You can search, source, and license 3D assets and 2D background images on Adobe Stock from within Dimension. All 3D assets on Adobe Stock are optimized to work with the app. You can also bring your own assets saved to Creative Cloud Libraries or from your desktop into Dimension.

Visit Dimension on to see what’s new in the latest releases and update directly from the Creative Cloud desktop application.
To see what features are currently under consideration, vote on features you’d like to see added, or suggest your own new ideas, visit the Dimension feedback site.

Pricing and availability

Learn more about purchasing options at Creative Cloud plans.

To know the supported languages, see Language versions.

After signing in to your Creative Cloud account, you can download Dimension within your Creative Cloud app by clicking the Apps tab.

Adobe Stock is a growing marketplace of 3D models, materials, lights, and background images that have all been optimized to work with Dimension. There is no additional cost to access Adobe Stock, but you must license the assets before you can work with them in the app. Assets range from free to premium pricing per asset. Once licensed in Adobe Stock and saved to your Creative Cloud Library, the asset appears in the Libraries panel in Dimension.

Dimension comes with a getting started library of free models, materials, and lights that you can find in the Assets panel. You can search and license more 3D assets from Adobe Stock simply by typing a keyword into the search field in the Libraries panel.

Note: If you are a Creative Cloud for enterprise or Creative Cloud for teams member, contact your administrator to gain permission to license and save purchased assets from Adobe Stock.

You can search and license:

  • 3D models
  • Materials
  • Lights
  • Graphics

Start searching 3D assets now.

Commercial, Government, and Education customers

Dimension does not support offline deployment with a Creative Cloud Enterprise serial number. Customers must use named licensing deployment to access Dimension. We currently support all three identity types (Adobe ID, Enterprise ID, and Federated ID).

For enterprises and educational institutions, this release of Adobe Dimension supports Shared Device Licensing. You can now include Adobe Dimension in shared device license packages using the Adobe Admin Console. For more information, see the Shared Device Licensing deployment guide.


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