How to specify your document search using Advanced Search bar? | Adobe Sign


How to specify your document search using advanced search bar when you have more than 500 documents under a particular document category as Manage page is restricted to display maximum 500 documents?


Adobe Sign web UI


  1. Log in to your Adobe Sign account:

  2. Navigate to the Manage page > Advanced Search bar.

  3. Specify the search using the keywords such as Signed 2015, Signed April 2015, and so on.  

    [*You can try different combinations of document status along with month and year in which the document is prepared to specify your search.]

Additional information

Ensure that Advanced Search bar is enabled on your Adobe Sign account. 

If not, then contact Adobe Sign support so that they can help you to enable Advanced Search bar on your Adobe Sign account. Refer the doc to enable and use the advanced server-side search

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