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Expand group instances

In: Substance model graphs > Scene management


The Expand group instances node turns element instances in a group into independent, standard elements in that same group. These elements may then be renamed, filtered and uniquely processed.

Instanced elements are listed in the 3D View's Scene browser panel with a number in square brackets – e.g., [16]. This is the number of instances of an element.


  • Input Scene
    The input scene holding the element instances which should be expanded into independent elements.
  • Expand level Integer (selects an Enum index)
    The expand strategy which should be applied:
    • Expand all instance groups: expand all groups of instances in the scene;
    • Expand first group: expand the highest parents groups of instances in the scene;
    • Expand last group: Expand the lowest children groups of instances in the scene;
    • Expand specific group: Expand the groups of instances in the scene which match the Path expression parameter value.
  • Path expression String
    A path expression matching the groups which should be expanded. Go to the Path expressions and filtering page to learn more.
    Note: This parameter is only available when the Expand level parameter is set to Expand specific group.

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