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In: Substance model graphs > Scene management


The Reparent node assigns elements a new parent in the scene – which may be the scene's root or another element in the scene.

This effectively changes the scene's hierarchy, and in turn which properties are inherited by elements.


  • Input Scene
    The input scene holding the elements which should be reparented.
  • Transform Integer
    The rule to recompute the transform of reparented elements:
    • Apply new branch transform: Use the transform inherited from the source branch of the reparenting operation;
    • Preserve previous branch transform: Use the transform inherited from the target branch of the reparenting operation.
  • Source path expression String
    The path to the element which should be reparented. Go to the Path expressions and filtering page to learn more.
  • Destination path String
    The destination path of the element which should be reparented.
  • On name conflicts Integer
    The rule for solving name conflicts that occur when elements with the same name yet from different scenes are assembled in a common scene. Note that elements from the highest Scene in the list (e.g. 0 is higher than 2) are considered the original, 'existing' ones.
    The following rules are available:
    • Rename: Elements other than the existing ones are automatically renamed by appending a numbered suffix;
    • Replace: The existing elements are replaced by the conflicting ones;
    • Keep existing: The existing elements are kept, the conflicting ones are dismissed.

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