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Substance engine versioning | General knowledge

Substance engine versioning

This page regroups information about which version of the Substance engine is used in each software and tool.

Substance materials and models created in the Substance software can only be used in applications which support the same version of the substance engine or a newer one, otherwise new features would be incompatible.

The tables in this page help to know if a Substance material or a Substance procedural model is usable with the current version of your software. They might not mention all the released versions, only the ones where an update was made. So if a version is not mentioned it means that the previous version is the one that applies.

To find the current version of a software or tool, use the Help menu to access the "About" window.

Substance 3D Painter

Software versionSubstance engine versionBakers versionAnorigami version

Substance 3D Designer

Software versionSubstance engine versionBakers versionSubstance models engine version

Substance 3D Sampler

Software versionSoftware release dateSubstance engine version
3.2.1 YakitoriMarch 8th, 20228.3.0
3.2.0 YakitoriJanuary 25, 20228.3.0
3.1.1 XocoatlNovember 24, 20218.3.0
3.1.0 XocoatlSeptember 28, 20218.2.0
2.3.1 (2020.3.1) VermicelliDecember 17, 20208.0.5
2.3.0 (2020.3.0) VermicelliOctober 26, 20208.0.3
1.1.3 (2019.1.3) SesameJanuary 28, 20207.2.8
1.1.2 (2019.1.2) SesameDecember 11, 20197.2.6
1.1.1 (2019.1.1) SesameNovember 26, 20197.2.4
1.1.0 (2019.1.0) SesameNovember 04, 20197.2.1

Substance 3D Stager

Software versionSoftware release dateSubstance engine versionSubstance models engine version
1.1.1December 14, 20218.
1.1.0November 24, 2021No updateNo update
1.0.2September 28, 2021No updateNo update
1.0.1July 27, 2021No updateNo update
1.0.0June 23, 20218.1.0No update

Substance plugins

PluginsSubstance engine versionSubstance models engine version
Maya (2.2.2)8.4.2N/A
3dsMax (2.4.6)8.0.3N/A
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