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Substance 3D for Linux

Deployment guide

After purchasing Substance 3D for Linux® via your Enterprise contract, the corresponding products and licenses are provisioned on the Adobe Licensing Website (LWS). You'll need to download both the software builds and the license key files from LWS to deploy the software successfully.

Sign in to the LWS

  1. Go to the Licensing Website.
  2. Sign in using your Adobe ID (usually your email address) and password.

Need help creating or using your Adobe ID? See Adobe ID account and sign-in troubleshooting.

Can't sign in, find serial numbers, or find orders because you don't know (or forgot) which email address was used to create the account? Try these solutions:

  • Try another Adobe ID If you know it, try signing in with the Adobe ID/email address used to place the volume licensing order. If you have multiple email addresses, try each of them. Once you've signed in, you can change the email address associated with your account.
  • Ask the primary account contact to add you as a contact Contacts can access all of your organization’s product downloads, serial numbers, and purchase histories. If you need such access, ask the primary contact to add you as a contact. (See Manage account contacts for how to add or delete contacts.)
  • New primary contact? When the name or details for your organization’s primary contact change, update the information. (See Manage account contacts for how to make updates.)

If you forgot your password or want to change it, use the Reset your password option to get details on your email address.


If it's the first time your organization is logging into LWS, make sure you're logging-in using the email address indicated as Administrator on your Enterprise contract. After your first login, you'll be able to provide access to additional contacts following these instructions.

Download software builds and license key files:

Find the software builds and license key files:

  1. Navigate to the "LICENSES" drop-down list in the top navigation bar.

  2. In the drop-down list, click "Downloads".

  3. Select the "End-User/Deploy-to ID" on which you purchased Substance 3D Linux®.

  4. LWS will load the license information associated with this ID and display it in the table below.

  5. Click "Substance 3D" on the "Software" line to display the software builds of Substance 3D Painter, Substance 3D Designer, and Substance 3D Sampler.

    • Click "Download" to download the installation file of the product you would like to install.
  6. Click "Substance 3D" on the "Digital Certificate" line to download the zip file containing the license key files.

    • The zip file contains one license key per product.
    • The license key will activate the product on each of your licensed machines.

Installation and activation

To install the software:

  1. Double click the product's EXE file to start the installation wizard.
  2. Follow the installation steps to complete the installation.

There are two options for software activation, either local activation or network activation.

Local activation

  1. Unzip the zip folder downloaded from LWS.

  2. Launch the software that you want to activate.

  3. In the activation wizard, select "Activate using a license key file".

  4. Click "Browse", and point to the location of the corresponding license key file.

  5. Click "Next" to activate the software.

Network activation

  1. Unzip the zip folder downloaded from LWS.

  2. Place the unzipped license key files on a shared mounted network.

Frequently asked questions

To provide administration access to another user in LWS, you need to add this user as a contact. The process to add a contact is detailed on this page.

Make sure you’re checking the correct page by clicking “LICENSES” in the top navigation bar and then clicking “Downloads”. If you still don’t see it on this page, open a support case via your Adobe Admin Console.

First, make sure you’re using the Adobe ID linked to the same email address as the one indicated as “Deploy-to Administrator” on your Enterprise contract. If not, make sure that this administrator first gives you access by adding you as a contact. If you’re still encountering the error, please try from a private browsing tab and make sure you select the “Personal profile” of your Adobe ID when prompted.


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