When you create an Adobe Connect meeting, you can assign it a meeting room template that creates a custom layout for the meeting room. If you don’t assign a template, the meeting room is created with the default meeting template.

To edit a meeting room template, launch Adobe Connect Central and click the template’s URL. You can edit the template while it is in a meeting templates folder (either My Templates or Shared Templates), if you have edit privileges on the folder.

Create a meeting room using a template

  1. Log in as your application’s Administrator user.

  2. Call sco-shortcuts:

  3. Parse the response for the sco-id of a folder that contains meeting templates:

     <sco tree-id="624529" sco-id="-625529" type="shared-meeting-templates"> 
     <sco tree-id="624530" sco-id="2006258751" type="my-meeting-templates"> 
  4. Call sco-contents, passing it the sco-id of the meeting templates folder:

  5. Parse the response for the sco-id of the meeting template you want.

  6. Create the meeting using sco-update. Pass it the sco-id of the meeting template as a source-sco-id:

  7. Continue to set permissions for the meeting and add participants, host, and presenter (see Create meetings).

  8. Create the URL to the meeting room (see Create meeting room URLs).