Adobe Sign for Microsoft - Teams


The Adobe Sign for Microsoft Teams integration provides both tab and bot interaction, designed to enable users to send agreements for signature or check status of existing agreements, all from within the collaborate Teams environment.

The scope of this document is limited to the Adobe Sign functionality within the Teams environment, and is not intended to be a comprehensive guide for Microsoft Teams as a whole.


An active Adobe Sign account is required. A free trial of Adobe Sign is available.

Supported platforms:

  • Office 365 – Using:
    • Chrome - current version
    • Firefox - current version
    • Microsoft Edge - current version

Microsoft Teams is also available as a desktop app, which Adobe Sign fully supports.

Teams on mobile devices is not supported.

Private/Incognito browser sessions are not supported.

Edge browsers

For the add-in to work seamlessly in Edge browsers, you must trust the below sites in your browser security configuration:

  • https://*
  • https://*
  • https://*
  • https://*
  • https://*
  • https://*
  • https://*
  • https://*
  • https://* (If using a Live account)
  • https://*
  • If using a third-party identity management system, that URL needs to be added as well

Accessing Adobe Sign in the Teams interface

Microsoft Teams is enabled by the 365 administrator at the tenant level.

If you attempt to access Teams and are denied, contact your office 365 administrator and request that Teams be enabled.

To access and use Teams:


The Teams page opens, showing a default landing page.

Adobe Sign is exposed as a Bot in the Chat interface, and both Chat and Teams can be configured to expose the tab.


If you are denied access to teams when you attempt to authenticate to Microsoft, you will need to contact your 365 administrator and have the Teams service enabled.

The Adobe Sign Tab

The Adobe Sign Tab can be added in a Team channel to give all team members the ability to send documents for signature and manage their agreements. Team members can access these capabilities while collaborating on opportunities, and check status of these agreements within a channel conversation.

To add the Adobe Sign Tab to any Channel:

    1. Click the channel to select it

    2. Click the + button


The Add a tab page opens. 

  • If you do not see Adobe Sign, search for it using the search box at the top-right of the window
    • If you still cannot find Adobe Sign, contact your 365 administrator to investigate if the app is available to your organization


    3. Click the Adobe Sign icon

Add Tab


A challenge window opens to verify that you want to share the tab to the channel.


    4. Click Save


An authorization overlay opens to capture the authentication credentials


    5. Click Authorize and Sign In


    6. Authenticate to Office 365 by selecting your account


    7. Authenticate to Adobe Sign with your log-in credentials, and then Allow Access


The tab is added and shows the Send For Signature interface by default.


Click the Manage Agreements tab to expose the agreements associated to your account.

Manage page - whole


Click the Sign Out link in the top-right of the window to break the authenticated link to Adobe Sign.

You may want to do this to sign in to a different Adobe Sign user.

The Adobe Sign Bot

Adobe Sign Bot: Track Status of Documents waiting for Signature and Approval

The Adobe Sign Bot is a way for you to retrieve information on your Adobe Sign documents through a conversational chat.

The Adobe Sign Bot commands are supported in 1:1 chats via the Chat interface, as well as channel based chats in the Team interface.

Add the Bot to the Chat Interface

To add the Adobe Sign Bot functionality to the Chat interface:

    1. Open the Chat interface and search for Adobe Sign Bot

    2. Search for Adobe Sign

    3. Select the Adobe Sign Bot

        ○ The Bot is added to your list of "People" in the Chat interface

Adobe Sign Bot added


The first time you attempt to use the Bot interface, you are prompted to Please Sign in to Adobe Sign.

Click the Sign In button and provide your Adobe Sign credentials.

Once done, a success message is displayed.

Chat Interface Commands

Within the Chat interface, you can issue several commands that return discrete Bot cards for any agreements found:

  • help - Displays a list of available commands for the Bot
  • show docs for me - Displays documents waiting for your interaction
    • The Bot card allows you to download the agreement and/or sign the agreement
  • show docs for others - Displays your documents that are waiting on others
    • The Bot card allows you to download the agreement and/or send a reminder to the current recipient
  • check status - Prompts for the name of an agreement, and then displays the current status of that document
Bot Cards

When checking status, if an agreement name is supplied that does not match an existing record, you are presented with two options:

  • Show the most recent agreements sent (based on creation date)
  • Return a list of agreements created within a specified date range
Check Status Options

The option to search By most recent presents two additional options:

  • Last agreement - Returns the last agreement created by the user
  • Last 3 agreements - Returns the last three agreements created. Each agreement is presented on one card


Most Recent options

Selecting the option to search by date range presents two date fields to specify the date range to return:

Search by Date Range

Searching by date range returns the three oldest agreements created within the range, and if more than three agreements are returned, a fourth card exposes a button to open the Manage window in Adobe Sign.

Manage tab option

Add the Bot to the Team Channel

To add the Adobe Sign Bot functionality to the Team Channel:

    1. Navigate to the channel where you want to add the Bot

    2. Type an at symbol (@) into the input field

        ○ A pop-up menu appears showing the members of the channel. Add a bot is listed as the last item in the list

    3. Click on Add a bot


The Bots search page opens.

    4. Search for Adobe

    5. Click the plus symbol (+) to the right of Adobe Sign

Bots page


The bot card for Adobe Sign opens, showing the description of the bot, and the permissions needed when enabling the bot.

    6. Click the Add button

Bot card


Once the bot is added, a Hello! message displays in the channel, and the list of commands is presented.

The bot is enabled and ready to accept commands.

Added Bot

Team Channel Commands

You can call the Adobe Sign Bot in channel conversation with @Adobe Sign and enable team members to view the status of your documents.

Supported Bot command in channel conversation:

  • help - Displays a list of commands
  • check status - Prompts for the name of an agreement, and then displays the current status of that document

Common Issues

The problem:

When attempting to authorize Adobe Sign in Teams, the user triggers an error after authenticating into the O365 account:

Adobe Sign for O365 requires authorization to access your organizations’s resources, and this access can only be authorized by an administrator. Please ask an administrator to grant permission for this app before you can use it.

The admin is asked for a reason, and offered an option to Sign in with another account or Request approval.


Depending on the site configuration, the below error message may or may not include the Request approval button.

Authentication error message

Why this happens:

The Adobe Sign for Teams application uses the ClientID for the Office365 integration to authenticate in the Adobe Sign tab inside of Teams

If the Office 365 configuration has placed restrictions on which Office integrations can be installed by users, then users will see this dialog informing them that they need approval. 


Work Around: Install and Approve the Adobe Sign for Office365 integration

There are two ways to install and approve the Adobe Sign for Office365 integration:

  1. Install from the MS App Store into Word or PowerPoint

    If the configuration for Office365 restricts the applications that can be installed and does not allow users to request approval to add applications you will need to install the application into an Office app and approve the add-in for the organization.

    • Log into Microsoft Office: as an administrator
    • Open Word and create a new blank document
    • From the ribbon, select Insert and click the Add-ins tile
    Click the Add-ins tile

    This opens a dialog for Office Add-ins:

    • Select the Store display selector
    • Type Adobe into the search box, and either hit return or click the magnifying glass icon
    • Locate the Adobe Sign for Word and PowerPoint add-in and click the Add button.
    Office add-ins

    Once the Add-in is installed, open the add-in by either

    • Responding to the toast notification offering to get started


    • Select either the Send for Signature, or Agreement Status option from the ribbon
    Open the add-in

    You are presented with the add-in window:

    • Click the Get Started button

    You are then prompted to authentication Office 365 and a dialogue box request you to approve access for this add-in.

    • Check the Approve for my organization box 
    • Click the Approve button to configure the Adobe Sign for Office365 add-in to be used by all members of your organization. 

    Once this app is installed and approved, any user can install Adobe Sign for Teams without needing to request administrator approval.


  2. Respond to a Request for Approval, and grant admin consent from the application permissions

    If the admin has received a request for approval of the Adobe Sign for Office365 app there will be a link to process that request. The link will take you to a page where you can approve the installation of the integration app for that one person.

    Once you have approved the request:

    • Log into the Azure Active Directory admin center: as an Administrator
    • From the left hand navigation menu, select Enterprise applications
    • From the Enterprise applications navigation menu, select All applications
    After granting request


    You will see the Adobe Sign for Office365 application in the list of installed applications. This does not mean that the application can be installed by everyone, only that the app is available for users to see.

    Approve the Adobe Sign for Office365 integration add-in

    In the Enterprise applications | All applications list:

    • Click the Adobe Sign for Office365 link to navigate to the properties for the application
    • From the navigation menu, select Permissions to display the permissions afforded to this application
    • Click the Grant admin consent for <Organization Name> to approve the application and allow all users in your organization to use the Adobe Sign integration for Teams
    Grant access


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