The Snap To Grid option helps you position objects accurately on a page. A grid is a set of lines to which the objects “stick” when the Snap To Grid feature is enabled. When you bring an object close to a grid line, the object snaps to the line much in the same way as iron sticks to a magnet. For example, you can stack objects accurately one above the other using a grid.

Work with grids

  • Select View > Show Grid. The grid is displayed as a matrix of dots on the slide.

  • Select View > Snap To Grid.

  • Select View > Snap To Object

    Snap To Object is applicable only when you are drawing objects on a slide and not when you are editing or moving them. When both Snap To Grid and Snap To Object options are selected, the Snap To Object option takes precedence.

Change the dimensions of a grid

  1. Select Edit > Preferences (Windows) or Adobe Captivate > Preferences (Mac OS).

  2. In the Preferences dialog box, select General Settings from the Global menu.

  3. Change the Grid Size value. The smaller the value, the smaller is the gap between the dots in the grid.

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