The API Manager sends notifications for any alerts or user events that require attention.

The are two ways through which a user can view the notifications:

  1. When users log in to their respective portals, the notifications display on the portal
  2. Users receive an email.

On the portal, the administrator, publisher, or the subscriber can view the notifications related to scenarios, such as:

  • Request to approve API subscription
  • Approved API subscription
  • Termination or deprecation of an API
  • Errors in API endpoints
  • An SLA reaches its limits
  • High CPU and memory usage
  • System level messages

Notification service

The notification service in API Manager dispatches messages generated from various modules (security, tier, resources, and so on) to the intended recipients.

Alternatively, if the notifications are not configured, the notification service uses the default settings to send messages to various recipients.

Notification settings

You can configure the notification service at two levels:

  • User level: User level notification settings allow you to control the events and channels to receive notifications. The notifications can be edited in respective user portals.
  • System level: System level settings allow you to control the deletion of notifications from a list. You can set a limit on the number of messages (for example, retain only the ten most recent messages).

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