Bugs fixed in the Dreamweaver February 2015 release

Crash and performance related fixes

[Reported on DW forum] Make Link option is always disabled. 
[Reported on DW forum] Dreamweaver becomes unresponsive and takes a long time to load scripts/links with protocol-relative paths. 
[Reported on DW forum] In Live View, when content does not fit the viewport area, page scrolls up during editing.
[Reported on DW forum] Preview does not appear for site templates. 
[Wishlist]:  View modes are inherited from last Active Frame for dynamic files.
Dreamweaver CC 2014 crashes in Live View
Crash on pasting CSS styles copied from Extract in a CSS file, or clicking the Code View.
2014.1 crash when trying to connect to local site with incorrect remote directory path.
Crash on quit after changing the background color property in Page Properties dialog.
Errors after updating to Dreamweaver 2014.1 - 'While executing translateASPControl in ExternalRenders.htm, a JavaScript error occurred.'
[Since CC 2014.1]: [Mac Only]: Removing closing CF Tags
[Mac 10.10 only] [Live View] Dreamweaver is very slow and beach ball appears when trying to select different elements.
For documents with embedded SWF or Flash Videos, when switching to Live View, plug in process crashes on Win 8.1 and on Mac OS, media is not loaded.
[Win Only] [EPV since CS6]: DW hangs on switching to "Split View" for a particular file (CSS bug)

Extract Related

Precision insert capability is enabled now on drag and drop of images from Extract panel into Live View.

PSD file with ‘%’ in its name is not rendered in the Extract panel.
PSD files with "+" in its name do not get rendered in the Extract panel.
If a Text layer contains "?" symbol in its name, it is not extracted from PSD to Live View
Double clicking a PSD file displays the message "Error generating Extract data"
Extract Panel doesn't work as expected if the name of the Hard disk has characters such as "#" , "%" or "&" 

Live View enhancements

Marquee selection of text now available in Live View.
Selection of elements in Live view has been improved – issues when trying to select adjacent DIVs, and such have been resolved

CSS Designer Panel improvements

Add/Delete button in the different panes of CSS designer panel are now left aligned for better discoverability.
“Others” category in the Properties section re-named “More”.
Clicking the "+" button in the Properties pane to add a new property will not completely scroll down. 

New Code View color themes

In the previous version of Dreamweaver CC, you could customize your code editor with pre-built
color themes
. In this update, we provide additional color theme templates for you to choose
from and apply to your code editor.