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Dimension is a design tool which provides access to high quality 3D, built from the ground up, for graphic designers. Dimension allows you to use graphics in many ways—by applying them to models, as background images, and even as lighting. This article covers the supported types of importable light formats. To learn more about the different types of native lighting Dimension supports, see Lighting in Dimension.

The same 3D scene with different lighting can drastically change the mood of a design.
The same 3D scene with different lighting can drastically change the mood of a design.

Where to find Lights

Lights can be found from many sources and Dimension has a native ability to create some lights as well. Some useful resources are:

Dimension: The application ships with several Environment lights as well as parametric Directional lights.  These models are royalty-free and can be used for commercial projects. Download Dimension.

Adobe Stock: Browse a collection of high-quality Environment lights, captured from real-world locations or hand-crafted as studio lighting. Browse lights on Adobe Stock.

Other sources:  Import your own lights in many common formats.

Supported light formats

.IBL: IBL or Image Based Light is another term for an environment light. .IBL is also a format used to store high-dynamic range panoramic images. .IBL files are packaged containers that hold multiple images for lighting, reflections, and backgrounds in a single package.

.HDRI: A format used to store high-dynamic range imagery but unlike an .IBL, .HDRI does not contain individual reflection and lighting images.

.JPG/.PNG: Dimension supports loading low-dynamic range images such as .PNG and .JPG as an environment light as well. To improve the lighting results, Dimension will convert it into a 360 panoramic image using Content-Aware Fill technology from Photoshop to fill in the missing areas. Because the images are low-dynamic range they will provide ambient lighting and reflections but won’t produce dramatic lighting and shadows and are best paired with the sunlight.



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