Web fonts in Captivate using Adobe Fonts: Usage plans


  Typekit은 이제 Adobe Fonts로 이름이 변경되었으며 Creative Cloud 및 기타 구독에 포함됩니다. 자세히 알아보기

Using web fonts from Typekit in Adobe Captivate

With Adobe Captivate, you get direct access to fonts from Typekit, a subscription service for premium commercial fonts.

Any level of Creative Cloud plan has access to at least a selection of fonts from the Typekit library — and if you’ve subscribed to a paid plan, you’ll have access to all the fonts in the full Typekit library. You can also purchase additional fonts from Typekit Marketplace without committing to a paid subscription.

You can check your plan level on your Typekit account page. If you’re on a free plan and want more fonts, it’s easy to upgrade anytime.

See our walkthrough for a step-by-step description of using Typekit with Captivate.

Additional information

What happens to fonts from Typekit if my subscription expires?

If your paid Typekit or Creative Cloud expires, your plan will be downgraded to a free Typekit or Creative Cloud plan. This may also impact any websites where you’ve used Typekit to host the fonts.

See typekit.com/plans for more information, or email support@typekit.com.

Can I still use fonts from Typekit if I downgrade to a free plan?

With a free Creative Cloud plan, you are still eligible to use fonts from Typekit’s free library, and any fonts purchased from Typekit Marketplace will also remain available after a plan downgrade. However, fonts exclusive to Typekit’s full subscription library will no longer be available without a paid plan.

Free plans also do not have the same web font entitlements that paid plans do, and have tighter limits on the number of kits you can use (one) and the number of font families each kit can contain (two). If you want to cancel your monthly Creative Cloud subscription but retain access to Typekit, you can sign up for a standalone plan with Typekit.  

See typekit.com/plans for more information, or email support@typekit.com.

Why can’t I access web-only fonts from Typekit in Captivate?

Captivate lets you design with Typekit sync fonts but publishes with Typekit web fonts. Because of this, only fonts that are available in both sync and web formats can currently be used in Captivate.

Why am I seeing some layout differences between my Captivate document and the final HTML output?

Because Captivate lets you design with Typekit sync fonts, but publishes with Typekit web fonts, you may notice minor layout differences between your design and published project.

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