Adobe LiveCycle ES4 Mobile Forms bring numerous capabilities that are mobile-ready. It helps you expand your current solutions and workflows to tablets or smartphones devices with HTML5 browsers. Some of the capabilities include:

  • HTML5-based rendering of XFA form templates: In addition to regular PDF forms, you can now render your existing XFA-based forms in HTML5 format. It helps you to expand your client platform to mobile devices (Apple iPad, Android tablet, smartphones, and so on) that supports HTML5 and do not support Adobe Reader with XFA Forms. For more information about HTML5-based rendering capability, see Introduction to Mobile Forms
  • Forms Manager: In addition, LiveCycle includes new capabilities to simplify the process of organizing and managing forms. You can use Forms Manager to activate, deactivate, publish, and preview forms. For more information about Forms Manager, see Introduction to Forms Manager

Installing Mobile Forms and Forms Manager

After installing LiveCycle ES4, perform the following steps to deploy Mobile Forms and Forms Manager:

  • Set up and deploy: Run the LiveCycle Configuration Manager to enable Mobile Forms and Forms Manager on the LiveCycle installation. For detailed information, see Install Mobile Forms and Forms Manager
  • Verify Mobile Forms: Run the installation verification sample application to verify the form deployment. For detailed information, see Installation Verification Sample (IVS) application.
  • Verify Forms Manager: To verify that Forms Manager is accessible, open http://[hostname]:[port]/lc/fm URL and log in using your LiveCycle credentials.

For detailed information about developing, configuring, and managing forms, see Working with forms.

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