Taking forms to production

To migrate assets from one environment to another, use the LCA import and export functionality. Use cases that require a migration are moving assets from a development environment to a staging environment for testing, or from staging environment to production environment for publishing.

In Adobe® LiveCycle® ES4, the LCA import and export capabilities are enhanced to include any content available in the CRX™ repository. The exported archive now potentially contains an additional ZIP containing CRX assets. Latter is specifically the case if Forms Manager is deployed. The meta properties available in CRX are available in the additional ZIP.

Upon importing the LCA, LiveCycle repository assets and CRX assets are imported in the target instance. This import synchronizes the meta properties of the assets across the instances.

The improved LCA import and export capabilities are available through LiveCycle Workbench and LiveCycle Administration Console.


Do not use the archives downloaded using the Forms Manager user interface to move the assets across different instances. Archives exported using Forms Manager do not include all the meta properties.

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