Getting forms in Forms Manager

Forms, which are part of an Adobe® LiveCycle® application, are synchronized automatically and are available in Forms Manager user interface.

You can add forms to the LiveCycle repository using LiveCycle Workbench. In LiveCycle ES4, Forms Manager offers an alternate way to add forms to the repository. It offers a browser-based user interface, which can be used to search, list, add, update, and delete forms in the repository and manage their meta properties.

Upload forms and assets using Forms Manager user interface

  1. Use LiveCycle Designer to create (or edit) form templates and save them in XDP format.
  2. Upload each XDP individually or create a ZIP file of forms, fragments, and images with their relative hierarchy intact.
  3. Access Forms Manager user interface at http://[server]:[port]/lc/fm. Log on to the Forms Manager user interface with Forms Manager administrator role.
    The Forms Manager user interface displays a list of the applications available in the repository. If there are no applications in LiveCycle, Forms Manager displays one default application named DefaultApplication.
  4. Select the desired application and browse to the folder in which you want to upload new forms and assets. You can also upload forms in the DefaultApplication.
    Note: To upload an image or more, create a ZIP archive.
  5. With the folder selected, click the Upload action from the upper-right toolbar in the Forms Manager user interface.
  6. In the Upload dialog, upload either the XDP or the ZIP file. The dialog displays the list of assets being added or updated. Review the list and then Confirm the upload action.

Once the assets in the ZIP are created/updated, they are listed as part of the repository hierarchy in Forms Manager as well as in the Workbench application view.


The Upload button is enabled only when you click the folder to which you want to upload the form/ZIP file.


Newly-uploaded assets are displayed in the upper half of the dialog. Assets that exist in CRX™ and are being updated appear in the lower half of the dialog.

Add your existing forms in Forms Manager

Using the method above you can add new and edited forms to the repository and Forms Manager user interface. However, your existing forms may or may not be part of an LiveCycle application. To get your existing and legacy forms in Forms Manager, follow the steps below based on your use case.

Existing Forms are available in a LiveCycle application

Forms, which are part of an Adobe LiveCycle application, are synchronized automatically and are available in Forms Manager user interface. If there are any issues with the default synchronization process, you can use the On-demand asset synchronization feature to manually synchronize the LiveCycle native repository and the CRX™ repository.

Existing forms are available in LiveCycle repository but are not part of a LiveCycle application

If your existing forms are created using LiveCycle 8.x, they may be available in LiveCycle repository but not in a LiveCycle application. To migrate such forms in to Forms Manager, follow these steps:

  1. Migrate the LCA, which contains the repository forms, to LiveCycle application model using Adobe LiveCycle Workbench Archive Migration Tool. As a result, an LiveCycle application is created.

  2. Manually synchronize the newly created LiveCycle application in Forms Manager.

Existing Forms are available on your local file system

Use either of the following two methods to get such forms in Forms Manager.

Using LiveCycle Workbench:

  1. Create an LiveCycle application using LiveCycle Workbench.
  2. Drag your forms in the application
  3. Use On-demand synchronization feature to synchronize the forms manually. For more details, see On-demand synchronization.

Using Forms Manager user interface:

  1. Either upload XDP files individually or create a ZIP archive of the existing forms.
  2. Upload the XDP form or the ZIP archive to Forms Manager using the user interface. For more details, see How to add forms using Forms Manager topic above.

If your existing forms contain other assets besides XDP files, PDF forms, folders, and images, use LiveCycle Workbench to get the forms in Forms Manager.

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