Hang when exporting to QuickTime

Adobe Media Encoder hangs when exporting to QuickTime

When you try to export to a QuickTime format from Adobe Media Encoder on a Mac, the application becomes unresponsive.

This issue occurs when exporting to an NFS volume from a system running Mac OS X 10.x.

Note: Although you can close Adobe Media Encoder, it's necessary to restart your system before AME can export properly.

Solution 1: Mount the NFS volume using the correct parameters

In some cases, it is possible to work around this issue by changing the mounting parameters of your network volume. Enter the following command in the Terminal application:

sudo mount -t nfs -o rw,resvport,sync,soft,intr,bg your.server.here.com:/ifs/data ~/Desktop/nfs

Solution 2: Mount the network volume as SMB

This issue is exclusive to NFS-mounted volumes on a Mac. Changing the mount to SMB avoids the issue.

Solution 3: Choose a different export codec

AME supports some QuickTime codecs natively. Those codecs do not exhibit this behavior.

Solution 4: Export the file locally then copy to the network

If none of the above solutions resolve the issue, export to a folder on your computer and then manually copy the file to your network volume.


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