Issues resolved through update 9.0.1

RoboHelp Server Update 9.0.1

This article provides information on:

  • the list of issues resolved in this update
  • the enhancement to Apache Tomcat support provided in this update
  • the steps to install the RoboHelp Server update
  • the steps to update the required files on the RoboHelp client

Issues resolved




If an Index entry linked to more than one Topic is viewed in WebHelp Pro output in a browser other than Internet Explorer, the index entry pop-up window does not display.


Toolbar search and tab search does not work in WebHelp Pro output for multipane output published from RoboHelp 10 and later.


The See-also pop-up window does not display properly in Flash Help Pro. If a pop-up window appears near the right or bottom edges of a screen, the pop-up content could go off the screen.


The Glossary box when published to WebHelp Pro output does not render properly when viewed in Google Chrome.


Projects published to RoboHelp Server do not render properly (issues with TOC, Glossary) on Internet Explorer 10.


RoboHelp server analytics does not take into account a page visit if a user only visits the default page of a website.


A project containing nested books in a TOC when published as WebHelp Pro output using RoboHelp 10 or RoboHelp 11 to RoboHelp Server does not display all TOC entries.

Apache Tomcat support

RoboHelp Server 9.0.1 now supports Apache Tomcat 8.

Install the RoboHelp Server update and update the RoboHelp client

Download and install RoboHelp Server 9.0.1 update

  1. Stop the Apache Tomcat server.

  2. For each context, delete the contents of the corresponding <RHS-Install-Dir>/<Context-Name>/server/resource folder.

    Since RoboHelp Server uses each resource folder as a cache folder, once you delete the content of these folders, RoboHelp Server copies the updated files.

  3. Download and extract the RoboHelp Server update relevant to your Windows OS.


  4. In the relevant extracted folder, navigate to the update installer:


  5. To apply the RoboHelp Server update, run the installer and follow the install instructions.

  6. Restart the Apache Tomcat server.

The updated files are copied to the existing context area, or any newly created context would have all the updates automatically.

Download and apply the RoboHelp client updates


Before performing the following steps, ensure that you that make a backup of the following folders:

  • <RHInstallFolder>\RoboHTML\WebHelp5Ext\template_skin
  • <RHInstallFolder>\RoboHTML\WildFireExt\template_stock
  1. Download and extract the contents of the relevant archive.


  2. From the relevant archive:

    • Copy the contents of the following folder:

      To the corresponding folder in your installation:
    • Copy the contents of the following folder:

      To the corresponding folder in your installation:
  3. Restart RoboHelp and then regenerate all relevant output.

After applying the RoboHelp Server update and updating the RoboHelp client files, republish the web output with RoboHelp 10 or RoboHelp 11 to the server.

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